7 Clever Gifts For Soup lovers

There is nothing quite therapeutic as a spicy bowl of soup, especially when you are under the weather or during a cold, rainy day. It’s an excellent get-well-soon or a perfect housewarming gift.

With the cold seasons fast approaching, you must wonder what gift I should get this relative who is always busy in the kitchen trying out different soup recipes anytime you visit them. Well! Read on, get inspired by the various gifts for soup lovers that you can buy without breaking your bank.

Let’s be frank; no one wishes to give out a dull gift. While it’s ok to give someone a gift card or a simple tie, it’s not exactly an intriguing option. That is why it’s a cool idea to get a totally unexpected and unique gift. The challenging part is coming up with creative kitchen gift ideas; thankfully, they do exist. You just need to find them.

Without further ado! Here is a list itemizing some of the best gift ideas for soup lovers lets hope it helps you in your quest.

Buffalo Black Soup Kettle 10Ltr/360X345mm Stainless Steel Electric Jug
Le Creuset Stoneware Soup Bowls - Cerise, Set of 2
Buffalo Black Soup Kettle 10Ltr/360X345mm Stainless Steel Electric Jug
Le Creuset Stoneware Soup Bowls - Cerise, Set of 2
Buffalo Black Soup Kettle 10Ltr/360X345mm Stainless Steel Electric Jug
Buffalo Black Soup Kettle 10Ltr/360X345mm Stainless Steel Electric Jug
Le Creuset Stoneware Soup Bowls - Cerise, Set of 2
Le Creuset Stoneware Soup Bowls - Cerise, Set of 2

7 Unique Gifts For Soup Lovers In Your Life

1. Buffalo Black Soup Kettle

Are you looking for a kitchen housewarming gift for your mum; a great soup lover? Surprise her with the Buffalo Black Soup Kettle.

This huge soup warmer will come in handy, as it will be easy to make soup for the whole family. She would be happy to add this life-saving gift to her kitchen gadgets collection.

With enough space to handle up to 10 liters of soup, the Buffalo Black Soup Kettle is perfect for a large gathering; there will be enough soup for everyone. This soup warmer uses a bain-marie or water-bath heating technique to warm the soup softly without the risk of burning the soup or drying it out.

It will also maintain the soup’s delightful flavors and texture while ensuring it’s always warm and ready to be served at any moment!

2. Le Creuset Stoneware Soup Bowls

For a soup lover who always has a bowl of soup sitting somewhere in the living room, then the Le Creuset stoneware soup bowl is an excellent gift for them.

These brightly colored soup bowls will brighten up every corner in their living room. Any soup lover will always be smiling whenever they serve soup with these bowls.

Le Creuset soup bowls are crafted with dense but flimsy stoneware that prevents cracking and rippling by blocking moisture absorption.

3.Morphy Richards Soup Maker

The Morphy Richards Soup Maker is an excellent gift for a soup maker who is always in the kitchen making soup. He or she will be excited to start using this beautiful gift. The pre-programmed cooking features will come in handy, especially if the soup lover is used to traditional soup-making methods.

Programmed with different settings such as smooth, chunky, and mild, you can be confident of a tasty bowl every time. If you need a different texture, you can always use the manual blending feature to get the desired test.

With this fantastic gadget, it is easy to make enough soup for two, three or four, depending on the number of people available, which means no food wastage.

4.You are Souper Spoon

Are you thinking of a cool stylish way to tell the soup lover in your life how special they are? Rather than just saying it to their face, show them by gifting them this artistic vintage soup spoon engraved with the “you are souper” tag.

This simple yet stylish gift is a great way to remind any soup lover in your life how special they are in your life. This gift will certainly put a grin on their face, and it’s a trove they will treasure for years to come.

All the spoons are silver-coated and hand stamped with the message you want to send out.

5.Chinese Soup Dumpling Kit

Searching for a cool gift for your soup-loving daughter who is learning how to cook? This dumpling kit is an excellent gift to surprise them.

She would love to make authentic soup dumplings from home.

Originally called Xiao Long Bao or little basket buns, the Chinese soup dumpling kit is packed with tiny satchels of hot and flavorful soup that are a soothing balm for your soul. With this kit, you can become a skilled soup dumpling maker within no time.

6.Great British Soups: – Recipe Book

This iconic recipe book features over 120 templating recipes sourced from all over Britain.

The Great Britain Soups is loaded with recipes that use traditional ingredients and seasonal spices to make a hearty and delicious soup.  This is an outstanding gift for the soup-loving individual in your life.

The recipes are easy to understand, so if you are gifting a soup novice or a mom who’s made soup for the whole village, there is definitely something for everyone in there. From kitchen garden spring soup recipe to Smocked Haddock and corn soup recipe, these recipes integrates the rich culture of Britain’s history with the modern blend of different cuisines that makes up British delicacy today.

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7.Thermos Stainless King Food Flask

This stylish stainless steel soup flask is ideal for carrying your soup while on the go. Any soup lover is practically assured to feel warm and cuddly with this gift.

The soup lover in your life will be thrilled to know they can carry and enjoy their favorite soup without necessarily going to a restaurant.

This Thermos Stainless King Soup Flask is perfect for traveling, camping, picnics, or simply carry to work and enjoy your soup all day long. It’s amazing how it can keep the soup warm for up to 9 hours or cold for about 14 hours without sweating.

Other features include a lid that you can use as a bowl and a folding metal spoon.


Getting the best gifts for soup lovers in your life usually comes down to how good you know them; what are their style and taste?

Do they like vintage, or does modern tech inspire them? Once you get the idea of what they like, you are spoilt of choice on what to get them.

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