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Thinking of purchasing a coffee table? Then this guide is a must read.

An interesting analogy speaks of the supermodel and her lipstick. Without lipstick, a supermodel would appear undone. Equally, if your living room does not have the perfect coffee table, it resembles this supermodel without her lipstick.

Pulling together an entire room may rest on the right coffee table. It provides that practical focus of a room, and it is a joy to make use of, with the right make and accessories. Some models have shelves, drawers, or hidden storage that will bring order to your living room clutter.


Your coffee table is a piece of furniture you will use constantly for day-to-day purposes. As such, ensure that you pick a style that is easy to clean, easy to maintain, one that remains fresh for a suitable length of time, and a style that suits your living environment.


The options available in the market are limitless. However, identifying what you need will enable you narrow down your selection to a few top choices. This guide will inform you of what issues to look into, give you a top choice of five that best suit these issues, and end with a table that summarizes appropriate traits of these five.


Factors To Consider As You Pick A Coffee Table

A coffee table in your living space would have several purposes. It will complete a certain look you desire. It will store and display stuff you want to put away or show off. A question then would be which style would work perfectly for your space.


You could go with a wooden piece with chunky legs. You may go for a metallic frame topped with glass. It could be rectangular, round, or square. Options available in this regard are endless or even overwhelming.

Round Cocktail Table

Black Rectangular Cocktail Table

3-piece Occasional Table Set

Coffee Table – White

Taking into consideration several factors, before you make that final decision, will help you break down this maze of options. Studying these factors will steer you in the appropriate direction that leads you into picking the perfect coffee table for your living space.


1. How Much Will It Cost?

The price range for coffee tables rises from very budget friendly to very expensive. As such, before you venture out in search of your preferred choice, figure out your spending limits. Your proposed budget for this piece of furniture may be further influenced by other furniture pieces you may need to purchase. These include lighting, accessories, settee, sofa, chairs, side tables, and carpets.


Budgets and costs are, however, not cast in stone. As you shop around, you could come across a fabulous coffee table that costs the moon. So long as it does not compromise your style and quality of your other furniture pieces, go for it.


2. In What Shape Will It Be?

You have a plan for your living space. This space has that coffee table shape that fits snuggly into the scenario. Pets and children in your home also play a great influence on the shape of your proposed coffee table. So does whether the room is narrow, small, or large.

Sale ? Walker-Edison-Glass-Oval-Coffee-Table Walker Edison Coffee Table

The coffee table with an efficient shape could make or break your living space. Rectangle is the standard coffee shape. It works nicely with any loveseat-sofa or chair-sofa layout. A golden rule is to ensure there is enough room for maneuvering around your table while ensuring it is big enough for hardiness and function.


A furniture item with a curved edge will eventually lead to sharp corner associated injuries, should someone fall or bump onto it. A rectangular shape that allows at least thirty inches between it and the console housing your television will give you ample room to walk between these two pieces. A round coffee table means more room to navigate around since it will curve away from your television console.


3. What Will Be The Chosen Size?

As you go about shopping for an appropriate coffee table for your living room, the dimensions your choice comes in matter. How high it rises is important because it must not come lower than two inches from the seat of your main couch. The customary height for this item is eighteen inches, which pairs nicely with customary sized couches.


Your coffee table should normally be approximately two-thirds your sofa’s length for correct scaling.

Coaster Home Furnishings Casual End Table

The higher the couch you have, the taller should your coffee table be. A taller item brings higher convenience particularly if you entertain often. It becomes easy for your guests to set down a plate or a glass.


4. What Functions Will It Serve?

An important factor that you need to consider is what purpose your furniture piece will mainly undertake. The range of uses range from provision of storage, capacity for storage, to decoration functions.

FURINNO 15079WNBK Jaya Simple Design Oval Coffee Table with Bin, Walnut



Coffee tables come with drawers or shelves that hold numerous articles. These include a stash of periodicals you hope to go through one day, to your children’s toys. Storage or not, you will most probably need a safe place to place a plate or drink without risks of them tipping over. Go for an item whose surface holds glasses and snack plates easily.

best coffee table

Aqua Coffee Table

Should décor be the reason you hope to buy a piece for, focus on an item with texture, lines, and fabrication material you revere.


5. What Kind Of Material Will It Be Made Of?

This kind of furniture comes in wide ranging types of materials. Industrial pieces are made of metal. A combination of steel or brass and glass bring higher sophistication to a living space. Wood has its own unique feel to it, whether walnut, cherry, oak, or maple.


Cherry and walnut pronounce formality while maple and oak will give out a casual look. If you happen to use Lucite, you coffee table will appear to be floating in space while presenting that modern appeal.

Magnussen Ponte Vedra Oval Cocktail Table with Glass Top

Should your room already have fair amounts of wood tones, pick a glass or stone top table with accents of metal. Stone and glass are quite durable coffee table materials and they work well within a high traffic living space. In addition, glass top tables do not get watermarks and never warp. With these, your guests’ failure to use coasters will not be a problem.


6. What Style Do You Want to Present?

When you consider style, vintage, modern, informal, or formal, come to mind. Pick a glass top on sleek metal if you favor the contemporary look. A coffee table of rustic oak screams of country casual to the entire world. For the romantic in you, go for the round item with wood turned legs.

Signature Design by Ashley Nestor Cocktail Table

To pick the right style for your living space and home, simply browse your decorating scheme for guidance.


7. Do You Appreciate Scale?

Assuming you were to pick that delicate coffee table recovered from your grandfather’s attic and you pair it with that heavy clunky overstuffed comfortable couch how would it look/feel?. This example stresses how critical appreciating scale is. Each piece of furniture in your living room must fit into the appropriate scale.


Pair a big coffee table with the overstuffed couch instead. These two pieces that bear equal size and weight will be much more at scale with one another. For that delicate coffee table, pairing it with a more delicate settee or loveseat is a much more of an appreciation of scale.


Simply put, scale regards visual weight and size of furniture pieces in your living room being comparable.


8. Do You Need to Hide Stuff Away?

Should you have remotes and periodicals scattered all over your coffee table, you should contemplate consider a storage table. Many pieces now have lift-tops or multiple drawers under which, or into which, all that mess may vanish.

Knox Coffee Table.This Dark Espresso Coffee Table Has 2 Drawers and a Sliding Top Panel for Plenty of Storage.

A lift-top storage coffee table will give you place to hide your clutter as well as provide a tabletop that comes up, and out, to you. This kind of furniture will function as additional working space that raises your puzzle or laptop to the perfect position and height.

Signature Design by Ashley T771-20 Carlyle Collection Coffee Table

Take into consideration the scale and size of upholstery because numerous lift-top pieces and coffee tables with drawers are visually heavy, and are best compatible with larger scale sofas.


9. How About A Roll?

A caster coffee table should be perfect if you love to reconfigure your living room or if you have an active family. If you have a reclining loveseat or sofa, a caster item will scoot out of your way.


A rolling table will be much easier to move around when you require an open floor space to play with the kids or for you to work out.

Signature Design by Ashley Vennilux Rectangular Cocktail Table, Gray/Brown

In most cases, casters remain hidden behind a table’s legs. However, big industrial looking wheels have a way of sneaking into fashion now and then.


10. Should You Think Of Alternatives?

Take a leap away from what is normal. This way you will perhaps find the perfect coffee table that is actually not a table after all. Ottomans, chests of cedar, and old steamer trunks are excellent examples of alternative coffee tables.

Coaster Furniture Metal Coffee Table – Silver

Cotton Craft – Jaipur Solid Wood Handcrafted Carved Folding Accent Coffee Table

Boraam 32211 Zebra Series Halmstad Coffee Table

Coaster Ottoman with Open Shelf & Tufted Top Dark Brown Leather Like

Signature Design by Ashley McKenna Cocktail Table with Storage,

Signature Design by Ashley Marimon Cocktail Table

Every option comes with its own unique and heterogeneous appeal. History teaches us that trunks were the only means by which immigrants brought their lives into the new world from the old. Luck might have granted you an old streamer trunk as inheritance. You could use this item nostalgically in the family room, where it would become a piece of conversation interest.


An ottoman, on the other hand, would bring an additional interesting visual item and texture to your room, particularly if it is made of beautiful fabric or leather. It would work rather well in a high traffic room with lots of usage. It could also serve a resting place to put up your feet up upon without needing to worry about the tabletop.


11. What About Small Groupings?

You need not confine yourself to thinking of one coffee table piece. Go for several. For that interesting perspective, place two sets of similar nesting pieces next to one another. Pull out each piece to expand your surface area as you stagger the tops too.

Signature Design by Ashley Kaymine 3 Piece Coffee Table Set

3 Piece Casual Coffee Table Set

Should you have wide space and cannot find a piece you like, why not place two tables beside each other, creating one bigger piece. Another choice could involve curating a number of garden tools and using them as a sofa-table solution. This variety of patterns and colors would fit perfectly into a bright and sunny living space.


12. Go Shopping

With a basic understanding of material, size, shape, functions, style, and budget, next comes venturing out for shopping. You can browse the online markets, visit high-end department, and specialty stores, you can wander among the antique dealers, or even cruise flea markets.


Remember to take your preferred measurements of your living space and furniture pieces, how high your sofa is, what space you have in front of the sofa, and photos of your other furniture pieces. These will assist in picking a piece that has the right scale, allow you to match your style, and fit the new furniture piece perfectly into your living space.


With the above factors put into consideration, an overwhelming assignment becomes a relatively easy task to accomplish. Let the tips listed above be your guide through which hunting for your ideal coffee table turns out into an inspirational and enjoyable venture.

Next comes a pick of the top five coffee tables chosen using information deduced from the above factors.


1. Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood

This table collection from Emerald Home’s Chandler includes a sofa table, an end table, and a cocktail table. The cocktail table and the end table have lower solid wood shelves under their tabletops for extra space.

Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood

Elements on the handy sofa table include two storage cabinets that have two center shelves, giving you additional space and custom pulls.


This collection will give your living space an industrial and rustic touch. It will do this through its reclaimed wood look surfaces and its custom metal accents.


Facts and Utilities

This piece of furniture has a solid wood top and it is quite easy to assemble on delivery. All the pieces of hardware come in a little bag, which has excellent securing in tape. There are several holes on its underside, which could confuse you initially. However, the ones that really matter are those threaded and which line up perfectly with the leg holes.


Its bottom self will provide more space for storing various stuff. Its metal frame gives it a distressed finish in addition to its rustic brown façade.


Its legs have small pegs that you can screw tighter or looser. These will enable you make your table level when it is placed on an uneven surface.


The shipping weight for this Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood piece is 62 pounds while its floor weight is 58 pounds. It comes packed in Styrofoam and it will occupy 48 by 24 by 18 inches of your floor space because these are its dimensions.



  • This coffee table is made of real wood. It is sturdy, and solid.
  • The piece will not present cleaning challenges since the wood is finished.
  • It is relatively easy to assemble on delivery. It takes an average person no more than twenty minutes to put it together alone.
  • Its reclaimed wood fabrication material gives it uniqueness and a character of its own.


  • Its surface is not smooth and entirely flat. It has nail holes here and there and it is bumpy.
  • You might require fixing coasters on to it because it has a top that is not perfectly flat and because of its real wood character.
  • Its instruction manual does not have clear steps on what you have to do to assemble and maintain your piece. This means the manual requires a much more thorough scrutiny than normal to understand.
  • Its reclaimed traits could create some odd masses, knots, or chunks that you might not care for if you are looking for that perfectly new and smooth surface.


For someone who has moved into a new residence, you will love the Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood coffee table. It will give your living room space a distinct farmhouse look. Its packaging is perfect and it is so easy to put together once it has been delivered to your doorstep.



2. Signature Design by Ashley T560-1 Hattney Collection Coffee Table, Gray

This piece of furniture has a distressed finish and rolls in with an industrial style. It comes in rivet details and its functionality is enhanced with lockable casters. It is made of metal and it has one fixed shelve to fit your stuff.

In addition, it is a solid piece of furniture that oozes a manly industrial vibe. This is without being overly over the top and it maintains that clean modern look.

To allow ease of movement around your living space, it comes in casters while its hand dressed finish is conveniently easy to assemble once it arrives at your premises from the vendors.


Facts and Uses

If you are the kind of person that loves an industrial look on your living space, this piece of furniture will bring visual wonder to your home. That is the promise of this rolling coffee table.


Its center of attraction, which lies in its distressed finish, exudes warmth and soft feeling as its rivet details present your living space with a cool edge.


Its lockable casters will allow you to conveniently hide some of your valuables, such as albums and laptop, away from pesky young children or pets.


Physical Features

The manufacturer lists this Signature Design by Ashley T560-1 Hattney Collection Coffee Table, as gray in color while past customers have been known to give it other color definitions. These range from black to shades of gray.


It is made of wood, in the USA, and weighs 62.1 pounds on your floor spacing while its packaged weight is 68 pounds.


Its assembled height is 3.87 inches; its assembled length is 52.5 inches, while its assembled width is 27 inches. Its dimensions, however, measure 48 by 24 by 17 inches. Your customer service agent will give the requisite details that regard customer support and manufacturer’s warranty.



  • This coffee table is quite easy to put together, and no assistance is required to do so. An average person will have this piece up within no time, and no assistance shall be necessary.
  • Its gray coloring pairs nicely with a black sofa.
  • This coffee table is quite sturdy and its casters roll around smoothly, even on a thick carpet.


  • This product is awkwardly sized and relatively heavy. This means it might not be easy to carry by yourself, although you can when you absolutely have to.
  • Examine your online or physical windows shopping pictures of this product keenly because numerous and prospective customers have given different definitions of its overall physical color.
  • Putting it together, on delivery, calls for considerable attention, arising from its relative heaviness.


The Signature Design by Ashley T560-1 Hattney Collection Coffee Table, Gray will bring a nice balance to your living space. Numerous pieces of furniture out there are merely veneers and made of fake wood. This coffee table, however, is a truly heavy gauge piece with a purpose.


A lot of industrial types of furniture are over the top and often become less appealing, with change of tastes, or become outdated. This coffee table buckles this tread by maintaining its modern looks.



3. Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish

Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish + Sauder Carson Forge Panel TV Stand

This coffee table has an interesting color description, Washington Cherry. The warmth of native recovered timber for its Washington Chery finish is the source of its inspiration. It has a riveted iron accent with matching hardware. This makes it an excellent accented piece for a modern home.

Upgraded functionality is cleverly integrated with a casual design that brilliantly accommodates entertainment technologies and the modern office. These include a dedicated storage, cord management, and pullouts.


With this piece of furniture, Carson Forge reminds the whole world about the top quality that American products can really be made off and how they should look like.


Facts and Uses

The Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish has a top that rises effortlessly to create a perfect working space while you are sitting comfortably on your sofa. This essentially makes it a raised desk.


This product is a pressboard and ready to assemble coffee table. Once you set your expectations accordingly, you will get a top of the line product.


Should you not use this coffee table for your working desk from your sofa however, it is still looks wonderful and remains a solid and practical furniture piece. It has decent amounts of internal storage space. Its feet are created in a manner that prevents scuffing of your floor, especially if your floor is hardwood.


This piece of furniture has a top that will withstand fifty pounds. Its middle storage, which is ideal for iPad, laptops, cords, and remotes, can hold another twenty-five pounds of stuff. Finally, the bottom level shelves will take give you another forty pounds of storage space. Considering these traits overall, this is quite a good investment.



The Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish has hidden storage beneath its top. It has open shelves that will give you additional display and storage. It has wrought iron style accents and hardware and it is finished on every side to give you versatile placement.


It is manufactured in the United States and weighs a relatively heavy 64 pounds in your home and a shipping weight of 71 pounds. It measures 43.1 by 19.4 by 19 inches in dimensions. Its assembled length is 52.63 inches, the assembled width is 22.25 inches while the assembled height is 4.44 inches.


Support and warranty information from the manufacturer is easily available from your customer service agent.



  • This coffee table has a tabletop that rises to a relatively suitable level. Other models and designs tend to become too tall once they are fully raised. This one rises to a perfect level however.
  • This product comes with an excellent instruction manual and every component is clearly labelled. This makes assembly easy, straightforward, but time consuming.
  • Once this coffee table is fully assembled, it becomes very solid and beautiful. You will also get a hidden fifth leg right in the center, to augment strength to its design. Being a heavy piece of furniture, the augmentation should be welcome.
  • The veneer finishing for this product is quite attractive and which when assembled, ceases to look like pressed-wood piece of furniture.


  • At no time will pressboard furniture, such as this piece, compare positively with solid wood material, especially in terms of strength and durability.
  • It may be a challenge to slide on its veneers that are supposed to add decorative complexity to its design. This part of the assembling process will require some patience from you.
  • An average non-technical person may require a second hand, plenty of room to work in, and plenty of light to work under.
  • A word of caution, the edges of the tabletop are relatively sharp, particularly if you have young kids running around.


The Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish will give you a very efficient use of your living space. You will get a coffee table and a desk also to work with an office chair when the need arises.



4. Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table, Estate Black Finish

This is a coffee table more appropriate for smaller living spaces. It has an easy lift top, is convenient and sturdy. As expected of this size of coffee table, there is relatively little room in the inside storage. However, this storage is ideal for smaller items such as remote controls, a laptop, and a few periodicals.


It has a likable design and the top will lift to this perfect height, which is unlike other models that lift either too high or too low.


Facts and Uses

With this piece of furniture, you will add functional storage to the space in your living room. With its open shelves and hidden storage beneath the tabletop, you are getting a modern piece of décor, which will assist in containing your clutter


Physical Features

The Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table, Estate Black Finish has a wood tabletop that lifts up and then forward. It comes with a hidden storage set up beneath the top and has open shelves too. It has excellent finishing on all its sides, making it quite versatile for placements.


The designers assert that this product is estate black in color and it is made from engineered wood and laminate materials. It is rectangular as the shape goes.


This product weighs 10.9 ounces and has living room space dimensions measuring 19.4 by 41.1 by 19 inches. It is fabricated by Sauder in the United States although many pieces are imported as well. Assembled, it rises 19.02 inches, occupies an assembled width of 41.1 inches and has an assembled length stretching 46.37 inches.


It comes in a packaging that weighs 76 pounds. Your customer care agent will give details about support and warranty to you. You will need to have it assembled.



  • This is the perfect product for a long and narrow living space.
  • It has a design that allows the display of decorations or books.
  • There is plenty of room underneath for you to store a few books and even your laptop.
  • Its lifting mechanism works smoothly, which makes the top easy to lift.
  • The black or dark brown color would match quite well with the dark colored schemes used in other pieces of furniture, such as entertainment units and wall book shelving.


  • If you wish to reserve the unique design this product gives you, put in the dividers at the bottom with care to avoid splitting the wood. Perhaps the screws are too large, and as such, screw in one rather than two as instructed to avoid this furniture item splitting.
  • Its instruction manual design and technicality level required to assemble this product may prove challenging to an average person not versed in putting together furniture stuff.


The nature of modern life dictates that our homes are also our offices. In this regard, any piece of furniture that allows you to work better and efficiently should be welcome. The Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table, Estate Black Finish is such a piece of furniture.


The coffee table, with its lifting and extending top, converts your living room into a working station with smooth fluid movement. It also reverts your living room back once your office work is done through flicking the top back. Your laptop and IPad can now come out from their underneath hidden space onto your coffee table, that has now converted into a working desk.

Working life at home can never be much easier.



5. Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table, Rustic Brown

This is one product that shall bring that relaxed sensibility and splashes of subtle colors into your living space. Irrespective of whether you desire a refined and rustic look, or would rather go for the Key West cool vibe, this coffee table will fit snugly into your chosen design scheme.


The slat styling of its bottom shelves sets an elegant stage onto which you can make a showcase of your baskets, your favorite accent pieces, or your books.


Facts and Utilities

The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table, Rustic Brown product is a warm piece of furniture that brings a dark brown finish to your living space.


The color is not fully defined expresso but rather, a definite brown, with shades of medium to dark as will be accented by the prevailing lighting in your living space.


The slats on the bottom shelf are not distracting or too bright. They are muted, warm, and nice looking with their earth tones. They do not splinter and nor are they rough but textured. These colored slats will not scream at you but rather bring a bit of character to the surrounding.


It holds up quite well, particularly in a room used often and with high traffic.


Physical Features


This piece of furniture weighs 48 pounds on your living space but its shipping weight is 50.6 pounds. Its dimensions measure 28.1 by 42 by 17.9 inches. It is imported with an assembled height rising 8.5 inches. Its assembled width is 31.5 inches while its assembled length is 45.5 inches.


Its official color descriptions is rustic brown and for support details, including warranty, you can reach your customer service agent.



  • This piece would look great at a lake house mostly because it does not have that polished or shiny look common with other pieces of furniture.
  • It would work perfectly for your vacation home because it will not reveal layers of dust that a lacquered piece of furniture would.
  • You will love the fact that it will not show mug or glass rings when someone forgets to use coasters.
  • Although it comes in no less than four pieces, it takes about four hours to put together and with ease for someone who is handy at do-it-yourself challenges.
  • The bottom shelf has such a smooth feel of wood to it that pet dogs have been known to love sleeping on it.


  • This product requires assembling, which may be a challenge for anyone not comfortable with DIY challenges.
  • Unless you follow the instruction manual precisely, you are prone to making mistakes that may harm this furniture piece over time.
  • The texture of the bottom planks may not be attractive to some customers. This arises from too many of the planks having similar patterns and appearing gaudy.



The Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table, Rustic Brown is made from real wood and has this rugged look to it. It is quite sturdy and although it is not too heavy, it will comfortably support some considerable weight.


It will accent easily with the furniture in your living room if the furniture is made of olive greens and browns pieces. Compared to pictures you may have, the slats are a little bit more muted in real life. Pictures make them appear brighter.



Summary Table


  Emerald Home T100-0 Chandler Cocktail Table, Wood


Ashley Furniture Signature Design Mestler Rectangular Cocktail Table, Rustic Brown


Sauder Edge Water Lift-Top Coffee Table, Estate Black Finish


Sauder Carson Forge Lift-Top Coffee Table, Washington Cherry Finish


Signature Design by Ashley T560-1 Hattney Collection Coffee Table, Gray


Color Wooden Rustic Brown Estate Black Washington Cherry Gray
Dimensions 48x24x18” 28.1x42x17.9” 41.1×19.45×19.02” 19.45×43.15×18.98” 48x24x17”
Material Wood Wood and metal Wood Wood Wood
Weight 58 pounds 48 pounds 75 pounds 64 pounds 62.1 pounds