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My French Fries, The Healthier Way, With The Best Air Fryer

An air fryer is a modern kitchen-top appliance that will give you an easy option to fried food. Taking this option allows you to deep-fry your food with as much as eighty percent less cooking oils or fat. An air fryer will also present you with a safer solution since you will not need to fill a pan with hot oil to fry your food consistently.


This review guide will inform you of the issues you need to look into before  purchasing an air fryer. With those issues as a guide, an analysis of five of the top air fryers easily available in the market then follows so that you can pick one that best suits your precise needs. At the end of the guide is a table that summarizes and compares these five great air fryers.


Aspects For Your Consideration Prior To Purchasing An Air Fryer


1 : The Ancient Ways of Frying Food

The traditional method used to fry food typically involves submersing your food item completely in boiling hot oil. This unfortunately leads to soaking this food item in unhealthy amounts of oil while dramatically increasing its calorie and fat content.


In addition, the frying food process poses grave risks besides creating unhealthy food. The mess left behind after cooking your food item is excessive and difficult to clean. Exploding and popping oil from the pan has caused serious burn injuries on too many occasions. Numerous homes have gone up in flames started by grease fires resulting from frying food in oil.


Making your food with an air fryer saves you from these perils.


Copper Oven Non Stick Air Fryer 2 Pc Set Frying Basket Baking Sheet

2 : Your Tastes

You crave the texture and taste of fried food. You do, however, prefer more convenience rather than the old ways of frying your food. If this speaks about you, then the air fryer is a-must-have for your kitchen top. These kitchen appliances bring with them easy maintenance processes and are exceptionally easy to use.


3 : Cleaning Up After Your Meal

Using an air fryer, you will essentially be preparing your meal by circulating hot air through the food item. This means you have little to clean up once the meal is ready to serve. This compares drastically with the use of huge amounts of oil to fry a small food portion traditionally.


Traditional food frying leaves behind a massive mess, particularly as oil splatters all over throughout the preparation process. In addition, disposing used up oil remains a daunting task.


An air fryer will be easy to clean because its parts are often removable, made of non-stick material, and are dish washing machine friendly. This makes the entire cleaning up after process a breeze.

4 : You Want To Eat Healthier

Eating a healthy diet must be important to you or you are simply going through a weight loss regime. An air fryer represents an avenue to reduce calorie and fat consumption by a huge margin without sacrificing the taste you crave. This appliance uses air to heat a food item. This means it does away with those extra calories added with submerging food in boiling oil.


This appliance will give you food with a crispy outside, similar to what a traditional fryer would produce, without unhealthy additives. It also means you need not sacrifice food taste or quality since this appliance will give you similar texture and taste as a deep-frying in boiling oil would.

5 : The Entire Process is Faster

It takes less than three minutes to heat an air fryer from room temperature to over three hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This will cut your cooking time dramatically.


A traditional food frying process in oil would entail waiting for your oil to heat up to the right temperature before you can start cooking. Depending on the amount of oil you would require, such a process would be time consuming.


An air fryer will take less time to heat up. This compares to how long it takes a traditional oven to pre-heat or cooking fat in a frying pan to reach the boiling point necessary to fry your favorite dish.


Benefits An Air Fryer Will Bring To Your Kitchen

 A form of comfort envelopes most of us while indulging in that delicious plate of fried food. You most probably love your deep-fried and greasy food like French fries, potato chips, and fried chicken. Deep down however, you have a guilty feeling knowing that eating fried food comes with little other ‘benefits’ besides taste. What you get is high cholesterol, calories and fat.


 Having an air fryer on your kitchen top will give you an opportunity to fry your favorite dish without compromising the good you cherish in the deep fried dish. Among other numerous benefits you will access, an air fryer will give you food that tastes fabulous.


This kitchen appliance will prevent your dish from becoming dry inside while creating that crisp texture you revere on the outside. Your dish will also be ready faster than deep-frying in fat. In addition, the process involved in air frying your food in this appliance versus boiling oil in a pan is much simpler and economical.


Most models of this appliance have a simple timer. This means you can walk away from your frying dish without needing to worry about grease fires, splattering oil, or your food sticking in the machine. This gives you more safety than using conventional fryers.


Most components of this type of appliance disassemble easily and you will be able to use your dish washing machine to clean the disassembled parts.


The food you will prepare using this appliance shall have up to eighty percent less fatty stuff than that food fried in oil. This is without sacrificing the taste in any way. This means the final dish made with an air fryer shall be exceptionally healthier compared to a traditionally fried dish.


Having this machine on your kitchen top will enable you prepare a wide range of food items. These include sandwiches, eggs, cupcakes, and muffins. You have a way to roast chicken or prepare an assortment of differing food items in differing ways.

Things to consider before purchasing an air fryer

Before venturing out to make any purchase, prior knowledge of what options you have is an excellent way of making an enlightened purchasing decision. Air fryers work using the same basic technology. This means that they generally have similar features. Every air fryer uses hot air circulation to prepare food. This gives all air fryers one common design grounding.


Of note, however, is that different air fryer models will give you different options. As such, there are certain traits you need to identify in your choice of machine before making that final decision.

One: Space

You need to make sure you have adequate space on your kitchen top to place your air fryer as you cook your food. In addition, think about the space where you store this appliance when you are not making something. This includes cupboards or the kitchen top where you will have other kitchen appliances to compete with your air fryer.

Two: Power

These machines consume between 800 and 1700 watts. Ensure that the  power outlets in your kitchen can support this before venturing out to buy your preferred choice.

Three: Amount of Food

You will need to figure out how much food, on average, you will be preparing with this machine. This will mostly depend on how big is your family and the numbers who love healthy fried food.


A typical air fryer has the capacity to prepare two to three pounds per session. This may be sufficient to prepare drumsticks and fries. However, if you will regularly cook a whole turkey or chicken, then go for an appliance with a bigger capacity.

Four: Heat Control

As you window-shop for an appliance, examine control settings on each machine closely. An air fryer can attain heat levels as high as 360 degrees. Many have timers enabling simpler cooking processes. Make sure the setting on your preferred choice attains the heat necessary to cook your favorite range of dishes.

Five: Not Just Air Frying

You will most probably want to make other non-fry dishes or prepare two or more separate food items in one session. In this regard, go for a multi-purpose system machine that has levels in its baskets. A multi-cooker enables you cook dishes, such as fish and French-fries, much more easily in one go, you can use the air fyer cook book to guide you .

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook: Amazingly Easy Recipes to Fry, Bake, Grill, and Roast with Your Air Fryer

The Top Five Air Fryers

Using the features explained above, below is a review of five air fryer models that best satisfy these features. The five have ranking that starts with number five going down to the best coming last. Using this guide, you stand a better chance of identifying and purchasing an appliance you will come to love just as you love your fried dish.


5. Philips Air fryer The Original Air fryer with Bonus 150+ Recipe Cookbook Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat Black HD9220/28

With this appliance, air becomes the new oil. This appliance fries your food in much more healthier circumstances, with as much as seventy-five percent less fat. Its 28 Oz basket capacity, its fast, and highly even results are at your disposal, thanks to its patented unique starfish design.

This air fryer will do more than just fry your food. It will bake, steam, roast, and grill it giving you infinite options when it comes to entertaining your guests and feeding your family. A great chef has described owning one as similar to having your own sous chef who does not talk back.

Its Facts and Uses

This Air Fryer will enable you prepare your food using one tablespoon of oil or less. You will be able to set how long cooking will take and the precise temperature. It has a control system that will alert you when your food is ready. This system will also shut off the appliance automatically once the dish is ready.


If you prefer washing your kitchen dishes using a dish washing machine, you will have no problem cleaning this appliance because it is dishwasher compatible. As a bonus, you will get a free app containing more than 150 recipes and recipe book.


It also comes with a range of accessories. These will create a one-stop kitchen appliance for all your cooking requirements. With this appliance, preparing your food in a healthy manner will not mean sacrificing the taste you crave in your favorite dish.


The Philips Air fryer, the Original Air fryer with Bonus 150+ Recipe Cookbook Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, Black HD9220/28 is especially proficient in cooking frozen fries and various other frozen foods. It certainly works better than a conventional oven.


In addition to being a breeze to clean up, no unpleasant odors remain behind once your dish is done. This means there will be no smell of yesterday’s eggs on today’s chicken sandwich.


Like all machines, it comes with an instruction manual. Failure to adhere to given instructions will lead to incidents of great disappointments, such as baked soggy French fries.


This product is black and measures 13.8 by 13.8 by 15.1 inches in dimension. Its kitchen top weight is 16.4 pounds while its shipping weight is 18.2 pounds.


It is manufactured by Philips. It comes with a manufacturer’s warranty and support, both of which are available on request from your customer service. This appliance comes with over 150 recipes exclusively designed for this model. Preparation of these recipes will give you excellent experience opportunities to get to know how to work with this machine.



  • It does not leave behind unpleasant odors or food related scents once a meal is cooked. Any smell left behind goes away with minimal and easily done after-cooking cleaning up.
  • Its griddle will allow you to cook steaks and pork chops, among many others, leading to crisp browning on the outside and wonderfully juicy inside for your dish.
  • Its traits and components mean it can essentially function as a small oven or as a toaster.


  • It is not entirely silent because the fan emits noticeable noise, although this is not a problem particularly in an environment with background noise.
  • This air fryer creates an ideal meal for up to three people. This means if you have a large family, preparation of meals has to be done in multiple batches.
  • It is prone to creating some smoke, especially if the meal has its own natural oils. This is avoidable, however, with shaking and pouring out of the excess food item oil.


The Philips Air fryer The Original Air fryer with Bonus 150+ Recipe Cookbook Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat Black HD9220/28 is a great product for one or two people looking for an easy way to cook frozen food items.


It prepares excellent food items with huge saving on oil compared to deep-frying. It is also great for children who wish to eat a frozen dish while maintaining a high quality crunch.


Philips has patented its starfish design that enables this kitchen appliance cook your food evenly while maintaining its natural and unique taste. It can do great things with bread and cheese through grilling them into cheese sandwiches to die for.

4. Philips XL Air fryer, The Original Air fryer, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, Black, HD9240/94

Philips XL Air fryer, The Original Air fryer, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, Black, HD9240/94

This kitchen top appliance allows you to fry your food healthier with as much as seventy-five percent less fat. This machine literally coverts air into the new cooking oil.


In comparison to similar machines, it has fifty percent more capacity, which allows preparation of family sized cooking on one go. It takes as much as 2.64 pounds of your frozen French fries.


With as little as one tablespoon of cooking oil, you can air fry your favorite dish. The food will come with a perfect crispy outer layer while remaining enticingly tender on its inside.


On your kitchen top, this appliance will bring numerous options as you feed your ravished family and entertain your guests.

Uses And Facts Of This Appliance

This product comes with a bonus free app containing 150 recipes and more. There is also a recipe book as part of the package. It is quite safe to clean o,n your dish washing machine too.


You can roast, bake, grill, or fry your favorite dishes using one tablespoon of oil or less. It comes with a touchscreen digital interface that gives you perfect control of the food preparation process. The control system also contains a 60-minute timer and adjustable temperature control for up to 390 degrees.


This air fryer revolves around a unique rapid air technology. This technology circulates hot air with precision and speed. This leads to fast cooking and incredible results with very little cooking oil.


It comes with a digital touchscreen interface that will let you adjust your preferred cooking temperature with a top limit of 360 degrees.


It also comes with a smart preset button. With this button, the machine remembers settings that prepare your favorite food item. A timer sets the length of time taken to prepare your meal with a limit of 60 minutes. Its big capacity basket gives you maximum cooking surface. This lets you bake, roast, grill, or fry more of your favorite dishes.


The Philips XL Air fryer, The Original Air fryer, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, Black, HD9240/94 measures 16.6 by 12.4 by 11.9 inches in dimensions. Its kitchen top weight is 19 pounds while its shipping weight is 19.6 pounds and it is black in color.


Philips manufactures it in plastic and you can contact your customer service agent for product warranty.


  • It is very easy to clean after preparing different meals. It also leaves no unpleasant odors behind.
  • You can prepare multiple baking and pan dishes with ease.
  • Its electricity consumption is less than heating up a fry pan or warming up an oven. This means it is economical to operate through savings in energy, oils, and cleaning detergents and tools.
  • Cooking frozen French flies is easy because of the machine’s non-stick material.
  • You can easily pull out its basket while it is running in order to check on your food. This is without fear of getting burned. There is a pause button, however, at your disposal for this.
  • Bread based items cook well although this calls for experimentation to get it just right.
  • In general terms, you can prepare anything on this appliance that you can prepare in an oven, pan, or deep fryer.


  • Do not use butter because it will blow white smoke all over your kitchen. If you must use butter, then cook your meal under a vent to prevent clouding your kitchen and home.
  • Pausing a cooking session to flip over an item should take a very short time. Otherwise, the timer will reset.
  • Aggressive dish washing settings could lead to a portion of the non-stick coating coming off the tray.
  • It takes some significant space on your kitchen top. As such, be prepared with enough space on your kitchen top and for storing it too when you are not using it.


This is a product for people who love fried food such as French fries. If you do not love fried food, think carefully before you make a purchase. If you love French fries, then making them without oil, in a much healthier way, should be reason enough to get this machine.


This machine gives perfection where frozen snacks are concerned. These include pizza rolls, small pizzas, frozen dumplings, mozzarella sticks, and so on. Ultimately, cooking dishes in a healthy manner does not mean you have to sacrifice the taste you have come to love over time. The Philips XL Air fryer, the Original Air fryer, Fry Healthy with 75% Less Fat, Black, HD9240/94 gives you the best of both scenarios.


3. Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer.


This big easy smoker, roaster and grill will give an opportunity to grill, roast and smoke your chosen food item in one go. It makes use of Tru-Infrared technology to cook various recipes evenly, placing a juicy meal on your dining table without flare-up hiccups.

Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Oil-less Turkey Fryer

This appliance is known to cook ribs, turkey, roast, or various other meat cuts all in its roasting basket. It will hold a maximum of 25 pounds of your food item for roasting and will give you 180 square inches of cooking space for your grilling. At your disposal also is a smoker box for added temperature control and flavor. Temperature control ranges between 9,000 and 18,000 BTUs.

Facts and Uses of this Kitchen Appliance

This product works under the Char-Broil Tru-Infrared system of cooking that channels heat evenly over the cooking food item. It does this as it eliminates instances of hot and cold spots common with other cooking processes.


You will not require charcoal or oil as you prepare your meal and it does not have a spit rod for you to perform a balancing act upon. Flare-ups will become a thing of the past because of this appliance’s infrared cooking system.


Traditional rotisserie hassles or heat loss are done away with because this appliance has an easy drop-in system of loading. It also works as a roaster, enabled by its even infrared heating system. It has grill functions enabled by its premium stainless steel grating whose design allows even cooking without flare-ups that could burn your food.

Physical Features

The Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster And Grill is black and measures 36 by 18 by 24 inches in dimension. It is made of stainless steel and its kitchen top weight is 52 pounds while its shipping weight is 56 pounds.


This appliance is manufactured by Char-Broil and originates in China. Its efficient cooking system works within the 9,000 and 18,000 BTU range of that depends on your preferred settings.


You will get a maximum of 25 pounds for your cooking basket and a double stack cooking function for your smaller foods. It has a porcelain-coated hood and its handles are cool to the touch meaning you will never need mitts.


Other critical features include a meat thermometer, a grease collection tray, rotary ignition, and variable temperature controls.


  • It takes less than twenty minutes to assemble this appliance with a screwdriver after delivery. Seasoning requires a simple oil coating before turning on the burner and leaving the top open until the oil burns off.
  • A meal prepared in this appliance is juicy on the inside and not watery like one gets with wet brining. The meal’s outer skin is deliciously crispy and will be fought over.
  • After-meal cleaning takes less than twenty minutes, with or without a dishwasher, all done with no fuss and no muss.
  • Using this appliance means leaving the oven and other kitchen appliances free for everything else, especially when you have to prepare meals for many guests or visiting family members.
  • It does not emit irritating smoke and it is a hybrid, which means it prepares different meals through roasting, grilling, air frying, and smoking.


  • You will have to experiment with several oils before you can identify one to season your meals with.
  • As a hybrid system, it has certain drawbacks and limitations for each of its roasting, smoking, and grilling functions. These will have to be identified with regular food preparation experience and experiments.


A great machine for anyone who loves his or her food fried. It has an excellent niche for that special occasion turkey preparation. When not air frying your meals, you need not put it away. Simply use The Char-Broil the Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker Roaster and Grill to prepare other meals fast and conveniently.


2. Power Air Fryer XL

The secret behind the Power Air Fryer XL lies in its Rapid Air Technology. It surrounds your food item in Turbo Cyclonic Air rather than oil. As a result, your food is prepared through a whirlwind of strongly heated air as opposed to lard or oil.


With this technology, you have that unique option of cooking your favorite fast foods, without the excess calories arising from added oil or fat. The result is that you will not need to sacrifice that crisp fried taste and texture you love so much.

Power Air Fryer XL


Furthermore, consumption of guilt inducing unhealthy fat becomes a thing of the past. So does getting rid of used globes of fat. In addition, cleaning afterwards is much easier with no greasy mess to worry about.


Best of all is its state of the art digital touchscreen. This will give you seven one touch, easy pre-settings for your shrimp and baked goods, French fries, roasts, steak, and chicken. Should you contemplate having your favorite waffles and fries from your childhood, simply press the French Fries button. Your Power Air Fryer XL will do the rest.

Power Air Fryer Xl Facts And Utilities

This 6 in 1 kitchen top appliance will give you technology to let you air fry, grill, roast, sauté, steam, and bake. Its one-touch settings utility will make your cooking a breeze. You will also enjoy eating your food because doing away with fried foods means less calories and fat and no more guilt.


This machine represents an excellent avenue to fry your food using little or no fat, through super-heated air. Your fried food will never have tasted any better.


Your family is going to enjoy servings of their favorite golden brown fried dishes. These include chicken tenders, French fries, fried chicken, fish sticks, chicken wings, onion rings, homemade potato chips, mozzarella sticks, and pizza bagel bites among many others.


In addition, children will come to love their vegetables once served with Power Air Fryer XL breaded string beans or zucchini sticks. For those who love desserts, great dishes such as air-fried donuts, chocolate chips, fruit crisps, and air fried apple pie will become excellent staples with this machine on your kitchen top.

Physical Features

This 6 in 1 kitchen appliance comes with an accessory kit of three pieces, that is, cooking tongs, a pizza pan, and a baking insert.


It works on a unique Rapid Air Technology that allows grilling, sauté, steaming, baking, roasting, and air frying. It also cooks with a maximum heating of 400 degrees, using up to 1700 watts of turbo-cyclonic power to cook almost anything.


It has a digital one-touch panel control system that enables easy one-touch settings with seven preset programs. It has a digital timer and comes with automatic abilities to shut off.


It comes with 5.3 quart of easy to load basket with a non-stick coating and its easy grip handles are cool to the touch. You will not require mitts for this one. In dimensions, it measures 14.5 by 12.5 by 14.9 inches. It weighs 12 pounds on the kitchen top.


  • Its multiple presets make it so easy to use, which allows preparation of numerous dishes. Temperature can be set between 180 and 400 degrees. Time required to cook an item can be set between 1 and 59 minutes.
  • It packaging includes a divider for you to cook two separate food items at once. A baking pan can be used to make cakes and cornbread.
  • It is easy to clean right after use with warm and soapy water.
  • It works excellently with frozen foods. Everything thrown at it comes out crunchy or crispy as opposed to soggy and limb frozen dishes from a microwave cooker.
  • This appliance has great settings to prepare fresh vegetables
  • It does wonderful cooked meats. Steaks, wings, chicken breasts, and pork chops come out with blackened skins similar to those done over open flames.


  • It is advisable not to use a dishwater, although it is dishwater compatible, for it to last longer.
  • It vents out very hot air out the back, which can damage other appliances near its back.
  • Like most machines, it calls for scrutiny of its instruction manual to avoid simple mishaps.
  • You need to pre-heat this fryer by turning it on to 400 degrees for two minutes.


The Power Air Fryer XL prepares fried food fast, in a healthy manner, easily, and it is fun to work with. For a busy mother with kids, its settings allow you to undertake a myriad of other duties without worrying your food will get burned.


1. De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra, Air Fryer and Multi Cooker, Black

With this product, air frying your favorite fried dish is merely the beginning. This machine allows you to broil, bake, or cook delicious dishes. This innovative kitchen appliance is both a multi-cooker and an air fryer.

This kitchen top appliance will allow you to prepare a range of delicious recipes using little or no additional oil other than the food’s own natural oils. This means you will get much healthier versions of your choice fried foods.

It has a unique automatic mixing paddle that will consistently mix your dish. This means you will roast, sauté, or fry a big variety of recipes without stirring. Its two innovatively constructed heating elements will surround your food with heat, leading to a fast and even cooking process.

The Facts And Uses Of This Machine

A lot of the time used in mixing and stirring your dish, as it cooks, becomes a forgotten memory with this appliance on your counter top. It has such a relatively large capacity that you can prepare up to 3.3 pounds of your frozen potatoes and 3.7 pounds of fresh potatoes to make eight servings of crisp French fries.


A wonderful feature of this machine is its BPA free transparent lid. This lid will let you directly monitor the progress of your dish without lifting the lid. In addition, the relevant components are easily removable for easy cleaning up. These components, particularly the bowl, paddle, and lid, are dishwashers compatible making their cleaning up a breeze.


With this machine, preparing a wide range of great recipes is at your fingertips. Recipes range from sauces to French fries and from salmon to steaks. It also bakes pies, cakes, and pizzas, among numerous others. Its relatively huge 60 oz capacity will allow you cook enough food to pleasantly feed the entire crowd.

Physical Features

This machine works under a patented surround cooking system. This system surrounds your food items in heat, leading to evenly great results in cooking and frying. Its exclusive design enables cooking with or without a mixing paddle, giving you infinite recipe varieties.


Its numerous unique features include an on and off heating element function. It has a transparent lid, a removable timer, and a power level dial. It also has an anti-scratch and non-stick bowl coated in ceramic.


Its shipping weight is 16.1 pounds while its counter top weight is 11.6 pounds. It measures 15.6 by 12.8 by 10.6 inches in dimension. It is made by De’Longhi America and originates from China. You can request a manufacturer’s warranty and support from your customer service provider.


  • It has dishwasher safe components that give it enviable, worry free, and quick cleaning up after qualities.
  • Its intuitive controls create easy to make and boundless recipes for any discerning hungry person.
  • Its exclusive design, that features a mixing paddle, makes this machine stand out from its peers. The mixing paddle adds endless possibilities for recipe preparation, especially for a hassled mother or the cooking challenged man.
  • Fan assisted combined upper and lower heating elements allow rapid cooking of a wide range of dishes and recipes.


  • This machine has relatively high learning curve. This means new owners needs to acquaint themselves adequately before they can start preparing gourmet meals for loved ones and guests.
  • Study the instruction manual carefully or you will end up with dishes that are a profound disappointment.


The De’Longhi FH1363 MultiFry Extra, air fryer, and Multi Cooker, Black machine will bring an innovative and low oil food fryer to your kitchen. You will be able to make delicious recipes that allow you to enjoy healthier versions of that fried food your dietician keeps berating you about.


Its unique lid allows you the pleasure of watching your food turn from raw colorless stuff into appetizing golden brown fried dishes right before your very eyes. Such fun this would be.